Schema Management for Behavioural Data Tracking

Trackplan's Schema Management provides governance for your behavioural data tracking.

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Schema Registry Sync

Sync your tracking plan with Snowplow's schema registry to validate and deploy data structures.

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Data Structures

Define the events, entities, data types and constraints of your schema in your tracking plan to ensure data quality.

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Manage members within your organization, or invite external collaborators to your tracking plan.

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Manage your deployment lifecycle with development and production environments.

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Event Catalog

Browse the community-driven event catalog and add events to your tracking plan, based on vertical or use-case.

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Provide a single source of truth for everyone on your team with a shared tracking plan.

Schema Management for the Modern Data Stack
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Trackplan integrates directly with Snowplow’s schema registry to provide you with a collaborative schema management solution.

Trackplan helps your data team design an intuitive tracking plan, manage your data structures, and deploy versions to your environments, while providing your business with a single source-of-truth.

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Building Trust In Your Data

Trackplan brings data governance to the forefront of your organisation with a single source of truth through schema management.

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Improve Data Quality

Trackplan syncs with your Snowplow schema registry, where schemas are used to enforce validation and rules on incoming behavioural data to improve your data quality.

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Collaborate on Governance

Having a single source of truth ensures that everyone is on the same page, and that the impact of a change can be identified before it is implemented.

Schema Management for everyone.

Data Governance for the Modern Data Stack. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or startup, we have the plan for you.

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What is a Tracking Plan?

A tracking plan is a schema definition of all the events, entities, data types and constraints. This schema helps you build a single source of truth around your behavioural data tracking.


Can I track events with Trackplan?

No. Trackplan helps you manage the schemas for your behavioural data tracking, which are implemented by data tracking tools.


Are there best practices for tracking plans?

Yup! Best practices are baked into our product, to help you name data structures, define properties with validations, and lay out a clear tracking plan. Our docs further expand on best-practices.


Does Trackplan integrate with Snowplow Insights and Open-Source?

Trackplan integrates directly with Snowplow Insights and allows you to publish and sync your tracking plan directly to their schema registry. Support for Snowplow open-source coming soon!

Schema Manamagement

Building Trust in Your Data

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