Trackplan + Snowplow

Connect your Snowplow Schema Registry and collaborate on governance for your behavioural data tracking

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Build Trust in Your Data

Snowplow Schema Management

Manage schemas and metadata for Snowplow Data Structures through our collaborative schema management solution.

Data Structures

Connect your Snowplow account

In a few simple steps you can connect your Snowplow account with Trackplan.


Take control of your data quality

Create data structures and define your data types, sources, properties and validations used to enforce data quality.


Sync with Schema Registry

Deploy your latest changes to the schema registry. Manage deployments to development and production environments.


Data quality is an urgent issue.
Start building trust in your data

Take control of your data quality. Ensure your validation criteria are met with each new iteration. Manage your schemas lifecycle through an intuitive tracking plan, and build a single source of truth.

Our blog

Supercharge your Data Quality

Schema Management is central to your behavioural data tracking and data quality strategy. Stay up to date with schema management and automated data governance with our blog posts and help center.

Start Building Trust in your Data

Connect your Snowplow account, sync your data structures and metadata. Invite your team to iterate your tracking design and improve your data quality.

Create Snowplow Tracking Plan